On A Trip to Oaxaca, Mexico

Creativity draws me away from home this Spring to a place filled with art and artisans. Oaxaca, Mexico has been on my list for a long time and I am finally able to make this a reality. On March 8th, I will travel there for a month, having rented a little casa in an artist compound.  The city is so beautiful by all accounts; the nearby areas including ancient ruins and great history draw one to see it, and a visit to the Pacific to feel the sand and ocean adds to the delight of the trip. The food is also on this list as the Oaxacan cuisine is considered a wonderland of unique tastes and aromas.

My eBay and Etsy accounts and my volunteer commitments will be on hold.  My computer will be shut down (imagine) and my work stations will be at rest and covered.

I remain connected through email and Facebook and will post photos as feasible on Facebook and flickr.

Please continue to contact me while I become a month long resident of Oaxaca and I look forward to receiving emails and/or messages.

Enjoy our beautiful spring on the west coast. For those of you battling the cold, snow and ice – may your Spring come early with the loving touch and smell of buds and flowers that brighten the day.

Mona Reeva