On A Trip to Oaxaca, Mexico

Creativity draws me away from home this Spring to a place filled with art and artisans. Oaxaca, Mexico has been on my list for a long time and I am finally able to make this a reality. On March 8th, I will travel there for a month, having rented a little casa in an artist compound.  The city is so beautiful by all accounts; the nearby areas including ancient ruins and great history draw one to see it, and a visit to the Pacific to feel the sand and ocean adds to the delight of the trip. The food is also on this list as the Oaxacan cuisine is considered a wonderland of unique tastes and aromas.

My eBay and Etsy accounts and my volunteer commitments will be on hold.  My computer will be shut down (imagine) and my work stations will be at rest and covered.

I remain connected through email and Facebook and will post photos as feasible on Facebook and flickr.

Please continue to contact me while I become a month long resident of Oaxaca and I look forward to receiving emails and/or messages.

Enjoy our beautiful spring on the west coast. For those of you battling the cold, snow and ice – may your Spring come early with the loving touch and smell of buds and flowers that brighten the day.

Mona Reeva

Products Can be Purchased at Ebay and Etsy

I have opened stores on ebay and etsy for your convenience. Products listed in my website at this time and many other creations can be purchased at the following sites:
Please visit these sites for a wonderful array of handcrafted and vintage jewelry and hand knit scarves and hats. New pieces are posted frequently.

Greetings. New Store at eBay and Upcoming Shows

Greetings! After several months of down time, I’m finally getting back to my website. Our trip to South America including Argentina and Chile was wonderful and exciting. We met warm and gracious people, learned a great deal, saw such beautiful places and enjoyed our travels. I found some excellent yarn including some alpaca, baby alpaca or mixed with wool, and a collection of lapis lazuli that I have started working with. All in all, a highly successful time. My photos from our travels can be found on www.flickr.com/photos/drmona if you would like to peruse through them. They are posted in mostly small albums that are titled and easy to view.

Since my time sorting and post processing photos from our trip, I’ve been steadily working making new jewelry which I will start posting here shortly. There are some exciting new pieces including wonderful Swarovski Crystal, Sterling Silver, fabulous semi precious stones used in necklaces and earrings. And don’t forget the beautiful metal clay work that I have been doing that is made with copper, bronzes and steels of a variety of hues.

My announcement: I am happy to announce that I have opened an eBay store www.stores.ebay.com/monareevasartisanjewelry. I

Certain unique one of a kind pieces will be posted at my eBay store and others will be posted here at my website. If you want to see all of the collections, please go to either or both stores. I’m sure you will find something that excites you and that you would like to own, either for yourself or as a gift for someone important to you.

I will be showing my work at The Holiday Marketplace (formerly known as Old Fashioned Christmas Boutique) on Friday, November 14, 2014 from 11 AM to 7PM and Saturday November 15, 2014 from 9AM to 5PM at the Elks Lodge 1475 Creekside Drive, Walnut Creek, 94596. Please come visit to see everything in person. I promise that you will have a lot of eye candy from which to choose.

Another show of my work will take place at my Home Show in December. Stay tuned for more information.

We are entering that gift giving period and here is the place to find unusual items that will definitely please you and/or your someone special. Enjoy looking…..

Announcing: eBAY Store: Mona Reeva’s Artisan Jewelry

I am happy to announce that we have started an eBay Store that will have products not listed on my website. To see these items, please visit www.stores.ebay.com/monareevasartisanjewelry
Many items are on auction and also available to buy directly. There will be increasing selections on both sites. Many are handcrafted, some vintage and some pendants that I have purchased or found used that I put on chains. I also find vintage beads that I reuse in new pieces. Contact me directly for more information, and to restring and repair jewelry. I can also make custom pieces to fit your dream of a beautiful piece of jewelry or scarf.

Searching for New Materials

I am leaving on an almost month long trip from March 13  during which time I will be searching for new materials for my jewelry making and fiber arts work. My travels will take me to Patagonia in Argentina and to several southern areas of Chile. My understanding is that Chile has some wonderful copper and lapis lazuli. I will be on the hunt for polished beads, cabochons, specially produced items and some wonderful alpaca yarns, especially baby alpaca which is so soft to the touch and a pleasure to work with. This trip offers many unique areas for exploration, relaxation, scenic wonderlands and mountain ranges, and great food. There are so many places that will be driven through and around in order to feast our eyes. After travel, photos will be posted on flickr and google+. Links are listed under ABOUT on my website.

During this time frame, I will not be adding new product although I have made some new pieces, and have acquired some beautiful vintage items. All will be posted sometime in April, so do look for these new pieces of jewelry. I also have a couple of hand knit items to finish that will also be posted soon thereafter.

Thanks for staying in touch. I am looking forward to having more contact after my return.

Working With Metal Clay

The art of metal clay jewelry has been around for a little over 20 years and is relatively new in jewelry making. It began when a clay form was developed in Japan and found its way to the States. Artists began experimenting and working with this product and new clays were continually developed.  Metal clay consists of clay, binder and particles of metal.  Several years ago, a few artists who understood the clay components began producing different kinds of clay powder that were water soluble and non toxic.  When I began my study of this form of jewelry making, I began and continue with the powdered form although I have tried the clay form. Copper, steel and bronzes, in different colors,  and silver are available for working into pieces of jewelry. New colors with new firing methods have been developed by my teacher Hadar Jacobson. My unique jewelry continues to reflect her development of new clays.

The method itself involves mixing the clay powder with water to achieve a nice clay consistency.  Designs can be developed by working with the clay, carving it, using molds, objects to form molds, objects themselves, and essentially anything that will create an aesthetic piece of art. While jewelry is the most common outcome, other objects are also being produced. Once the desired design is achieved, the next step is drying the clay, sanding the rough edges and places that need refining and then firing at different temperatures, depending upon the clays used. Each clay requires different temperatures in the kiln. The process of firing in the kiln at high or medium temperatures essentially burns off the binder and clay and leaves the metal particles which have been fused into metal from the heat. Combinations of clays also have various temperatures based on the kinds of clay used. Once fired, the object must then be polished and or sanded and polished to its desired completion.

This process of creating works of art by using metal clays, sometimes referred to a precious metal clay as it started with silver, takes time, dedication and artistic desire. Mistakes can take place from start to finish and many pieces are lost for a variety of reasons, requiring the artist to start over with the intended design. As the process becomes more intuitive through time, effort and study, outcomes can be more determined. Still there are many possible difficulties that are encountered along the way that sometimes can be remedied and sometimes not.

I started studying in this medium as it felt creative and very interesting. I continue to study as I understand that there is so very much to be learned. This is learning that takes place at my teachers studio, at my studio, from other students, and from my desire to participate as an artist among artists.

The process is consistent with making beautiful works of wearable art that are lovely to look at, admired, and delightful to wear.


Announcing New Venue for My Jewelry

I have the pleasure of announcing that my jewelry has been accepted to be shown and sold at the San Francisco Symphony Store in Davies Hall at the Orchestra level.  I am very appreciative to Michael Gallardo, Store Manager for his long term encouragement and to Jeannette  Gabarini-Walters, Director of Retail Operations of the San Francisco Symphony Store.  Jeannette has chosen  nine (9)  pieces for display.

If you will be at the Symphony for a performance, or in the vicinity, please visit the store.  The store is open daily from 11 am to 4 pm in addition to being open before, during and after performances. There are many beautiful, interesting and charming items including many CDs and DVDs of fabulous music. Many items are also sold online at their website store. http://www.shopsfsymphony.org/shop/home.php

The Store is located at 201 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 864-6000


How to Purchase One of My Works of Wearable Art.

This new website does not yet include a direct buying method. Since each piece I sell is unique and one of a kind, I thought it useful for anyone having interest in a particular item to contact me directly to discuss the piece, to determine if it is still available, and to then purchase it.  Purchasing can be done by check, money order or credit card. There are no shipping and/or handling charges and I insure each item to be mailed using USPS Priority Mail.

As an artist and a very small business owner, I create works of jewelry and knitted products that are wearable works of art. Each piece requires time, dedication and many phases of process in its design and creation. I use a variety of tools, specializing in a few mediums that reflect my practice and patience. While I continue to focus on working with metal clays I also work with metals, beads, glass, semi precious gems, found objects, and recycled materials.

In addition to my hand crafted works of art, I also collect and sell vintage jewelry. Both my own unique art and the vintage jewelry as well as my hand knit products continue to be showcased in this website.

In my next blog, I will provide a brief overview of the process of working with metal clays.

For more information, please contact me by email or phone. You can also text me at 510-282-5335.

White Elephant Sale, Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA

The White Elephant Sale is held every year. Proceeds benefit the Oakland, CA Museum. I volunteer in the Jewelry Department and am working there during the public sale in March, and in preparation during the months before. This is a fabulous sale for all kinds of items that have been donated including but not limited to jewelry, furniture, clothing, shoes, books, music, children’s items and much much more. This is a real happening in the community.

The White Elephant Sale is on March 1–2, 2014. The Preview Sale is January 26, 2014.
Get your Preview Sale tickets by returning the Preview Tickets Purchase Form. Check out this year’s Preview Sale photos.
Learn more about the public donation drop-off dates for January and February.

On Holiday

A holiday  beckons from Tuesday January 21st to January 28th. When traveling I seek out new designs and materials  and  take lots of photos. This trip is to Las Vegas in Nevada and we have an extensive itinerary planned to visit the areas around the city and some of the casinos for good food and the sights.  Photos are usually posted on flickr and if you’d like to see my collection, please visit in a couple of weeks:


If you are interested in one of my creations, do send me an email at gma5@comcast.net and I’ll get back to you upon my return.