Artist Statement

My Journey and Reason

I began my study of jewelry in 2005 following a distinguished career in human services.  I learned to knit early in my life and have again taken up this craft incorporating special yarns and design elements.

Work, travel and family experiences bring much to my ongoing and evolving creative process.

My primary reasons for embarking on a second career in jewelry making and fiber arts was to engage my creative side, continue studying and enjoy and share my creative process. I have had a lifelong love affair with learning and continue to take classes to enrich my knowledge and skills. I have studied at The Crucible, Academy of Art, and bead stores with a number of teachers.

I have worked in a variety of mediums including beading, metal working and am now focusing on metal clay jewelry. I continue to work with Hadar Jacobson, a renowned teacher in metal clay jewelry.


My Jewelry, Artwork and Studio

Jewelry making includes necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. While some pieces may be similar nothing is ever duplicated. I keep a complete inventory of every item made. Current design themes include used objects, semi-precious gems, crystals and organic design in metal clay and other jewelry.

My website showcases much of my work and creative accomplishments. I offer a monthly newsletter in which my new work and upcoming events, in which I participate, are highlighted.

My studio is open yearly, usually in December and by appointment. My work is currently being showcased at Studio 333 and Downtown 333 in Sausalito, CA .


Together we can work  to create customized pieces of jewelry in the mediums in which I work.  Also  I can customize your hats with bead enhancement and make custom bracelets to fit your medic alert medallion. I can do some kinds of jewelry repair for necklaces and bracelets such as restringing and shortening and lengthening.


Get in Touch

In addition to seeing my work in Sausalito, my work is available by appointment and on my website.